Darla dishes? Okay, but why?

Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.
– Moliere

Even though I’ve made it to the stage where people actually sometimes pay me a dollar and 26 cents to write, I still  write for the first two reasons as well.

I used to have a fiction blog — a flog, I called it — that told the ongoing story of a NC teacher and her family. (What? Of course, it wasn’t me!) I kept the flog going for a couple of years mainly because I just plain had fun writing it, and along the way, I was fortunate enough to have a few friends who found it entertaining enough to follow.

I later took down the blog and turned my attention to continuing my characters’ adventures in a novel, but by the time I finished writing it and started the endless task of editing, two sad things had happened:

  1. It wasn’t fun anymore.
  2. I’d lost my connection with the friends who enjoyed reading the regular installments.

Writing it was a worthwhile experience though, especially since the manuscript obviously made the top of my desk a much more comfy spot for my cats to lounge. (Now that I’ve relegated it to the inside of a cabinet, they look at me daily with the kind of narrow-eyed disgust and disappointment that only cats can pull off.)

Yeah, I know what that squinty side-eye means.

Anyhow, these days, when I’m not writing for $ (which is sometimes fun in itself, SOMETIMES), I mostly limit my “writing fun” to Facebook and Instagram posts, and tweets. But social media, in short, requires my writing to be too short to say everything I want to say.

So Darla Dishes is my new blog. The main character, this time, really is me, Darla. (And, yes, I do know that “The character is I” is actually the grammatically correct way to say that. Artistic license, remember?) I have a million thoughts about a million things every day, but Mama always used to  tell me,

You need to learn not to say every single thing that crosses your mind!

Those who know me best will say I never learned, but whatever… the point is that Mama never said I shouldn’t write about it…

So I guess you could say Darla’s dishing because she just can’t help herself.

But I’m also dishing for the simple love of putting thoughts into words.

I’m dishing for any friends (who’ve often thought, but not said) the same, and who want to follow me and maybe laugh a little along the way.

And, hey, if someone reads any of this and decides to offer me a paying gig, who am I to say no? Moliere knows. 😉